Whether your project(s) is in Electronics, Soft/hardware, Biomedical, Biochemistry, etc, we have solid relationship and great access to various manufacturers, engineering firms with exceptional backgrounds in R&D project and history of making products to the highest level of quality to supply to the market. Tell us more about your product(s), we can make them here in Canada the best way that you can imagin.

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Funding from Private Sectors in Canada

  • Venture Capitals:

Canada is one of the best place to have access to wide range of private investors. Toronto is the 2nd place of financial sector to grow start ups after California. With broad access to Venture Capitals, we can help to to make your dreams come true.

  • Angel Investors:

With very rapid development, Angel Investor networks are growing fundamentally in Ontario and Canada. We can assist start ups to raise funding needed to development through integration with potential investors from Canada and North America.

R&D Funding from Government of Canada:

If your company performs R&D in Canada, you may qualify to receive significant amount of money from Government of Canada. This money depends on the nature of project, type of expenses and the final outcome of your project.  

There are some governmental programs to help R&D projects in the areas of financing for small firms, research, commercialization of research, measures to encourage investment attraction and intellectual property. Some of these programs are: 

  1. Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program
  2. National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance (IRAP) Program
  3. Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Program